SOMOS is a Company registering its origin in the Ile-de-France Region, in 1901.

SOMOS has more than 120 years’ of traditions applied to the production of machines and tools for precision optics.

Over the years, SOMOS’ know-how has been recognized for the design and manufacture of polishing machines.

The Company has constantly strengthened itself by following both technological developments and the requirements of the Markets.

It has thus developed into new sectors of activity by providing its expertise in the lapping and polishing of new materials.

SOMOS has a very wide range of equipment consisting of Double-sided and Single-sided machines (plates with a diameter ranging from 220 to 2500 mm) for lapping, polishing and fine grinding.

This equipment ensures flatness, parallelism and a surfacing state that meets the most demanding criteria.

SOMOS exports 75% of its production of machines and consumables internationally (United States, Europe, Middle East). The machines can also be designed “Tailor-made” for a specific clientele, and for applications requiring strong technical constraints.