Fields of application


Industrial applications of optics-photonics are booming with the deployment of fiber optic networks, autonomous vehicles, aerospace exploration, and new defense systems.

SOMOS brings all its know-how in terms of lapping, fine grinding, polishing and super polishing to meet this demand.


DAlready present in all industrial sectors, electronics is now at the heart of industrial transition (Energy, Transport, IoT, etc.)

Techniques for the development and production of electronic equipment have evolved rapidly. New power components, in constant evolution (extreme capacities) generate the use of increasingly advanced materials.

SOMOS offers high-performance polishing processes for the treatment of a wide variety of needs.

High quality watchmaking

The world of Haute Horlogerie is fascinating and complex. Beyond the materials or the movement chosen, the value of a watch is assessed by the quality of the finishes given to these components.

SOMOS benefits from long and extensive experience in all ‘high-end’ polishing and finishing operations and treats all materials used in Haute Horlogerie (from rigid plastics to the hardest ceramics, including all metal alloys), in the geometric qualities and surface conditions required.

Precision engineering

Extreme precision, roughness and production stability are the major challenges facing precision mechanics.

The fields of application are many and varied: automotive, aeronautics, medical, defense, luxury, etc.

Through its ‘Machine’ fleet, SOMOS responds to a wide demand for mechanical parts (Prototypes, small and medium series) and also makes its experience available in the optimization of existing processes and the development of innovative solutions.


Production of various medical parts